Putting The
Lid On

Protect Your Bathroom From Steam Damage.


It may seem normal for your bathroom windows, mirror, walls and vanity to be covered in steam post a long, hot shower. This steam can cause serious damage in the long run with mold build-up behind walls and ongoing moisture damage to your fixtures.

That’s why you need a Swiper Shower Top to prevent steam from forming and eliminate moisture damage. No more paint blistering, wallpaper damage, mould build up or costly bathroom repairs.

Not to mention helping keep your house warm and dry.

Where Can I get
Swiper Shower Tops Installed?

Swiper Shower Tops has a team of installers throughout the country who can install your new shower top in an hour.

Our installers will come directly to your home, custom fitting the Swiper Shower Top directly to your shower. As trusted professionals, they know their stuff and deliver stand out service (including tidying up after the job is done). We carry a range of seals that can be installed if required.