Easy to Install DIY

Doing It Yourself

Many Kiwis get excited at the prospect of DIY.  It can be a healthy way to escape from the stress of every-day life.  Some people are driven by economic considerations, others it can be a leisure activity. 

While Swiper Shower Tops are designed around putting the lid on bathroom steam, we also put a lot of  emphasis on having a simple installation process.  Our DIY kits include all the components required to complete a quality and professional installation.  We include an installation video that you can view at the bottom of this DIY page. 

We have a range of DIY kit options to cover all sizes and shapes of showers.  Each DIY kit includes easy “peel back” fixing rails,  an option of two different shower door seals, screws or clear fixing rails for all glass (frameless) showers.

Our DIY kits

Flat Shower Top Kit

The flat shower top design is our low-cost option for eliminating steam. Cleaning is easy using a squeegee or wiper blade and they are almost invisible to see.

$159 plus courier

Why Use Swiper Shower Tops?

Swiper Shower Tops are capable of fitting any type of closed shower installed in bathrooms today. Whether your shower is curved, square, angled or custom design, we have a shower top for you.