Swiper Shower Tops can be installed using one of our trusted nationwide installers. They’ll come install the shower top in your home, replace any seals on your shower and clean up afterwards. 

All within an hour.


Our Installation Process?

We come to your home, custom fit the shower top to your shower and install the shower top. All of this in an hour so you have minimal disruption to your day. We carry a range of seals that can be installed if required.

To make sure the shower top fits, we’ll cut the shower top right then and there. We can ensure that the shower top fits most closed showers, whether circular, angled or simply squared. Once the shower top is installed, our installers will clean up any residual mess so you don’t have to.

All installation work is guaranteed. Swiper Shower Top installers are experienced professionals who will go the extra distance for you.

When you contact us, we’ll ask you a few easy questions about your shower to ensure we can get the perfect fit and have the right size shower top from the start.

All installation work is guaranteed. Swiper Shower Top installers are experienced professionals who will go the extra distance for you.

Workmanship Guaranteed

Our experienced network of installers are capable of fitting your new shower top to any shape and size of shower. And because of each shower being different, they know exactly how to cut the Swiper Shower Top to not only fit but to look good too.

Our installers will also replace any seals that are worn and in need of replacing. They’ll even clean up after the job.

No Fuss, Quick Installation

Your Swiper Shower Top will be installed within the hour. This includes custom cutting the shower top to suit the size and shape of your shower.

We’ll work to your schedule too. Just let us know when you book what time and day you want your shower top installed and ensure minimum disruption to your day

The Perfect Fit for Any Closed Shower

Because of the design, all Swiper Shower Tops, can be made to fit any size and shape of shower. There’s no such thing about a Swiper Shower Top being too small or too large for any shower.

All Swiper Shower Tops are cut to measure your particular shower. And we’ll do this on location so there’s no off site guesswork or running back and forth between a store or workshop.

With the custom fit, you can be sure your bathroom will be steam free.

Our Installers

All Swiper Shower Top installers in our nationwide network are experienced and are only chosen because of their quality of work. We also choose them as they go the extra mile with our customers and make sure they are happy with the finished product. They even clean up after the installation so you don’t have to.

Their workmanship is guaranteed too. If you by any chance had an issue with how your Swiper Shower Top was installed, we’re happy to make it right by fixing the issues or providing you with a full refund.