About Swiper Shower Tops

Steam Free Bathrooms

Swiper Shower Tops are all about putting the lid on bathroom steam. With a Swiper Shower Top, you’ll eliminate steam problems in your bathroom that are the cause of significant and costly issues like paint damage, mould damage and more.

Swiper Shower Tops are designed to enclose the shower causing it to warm up and prevent steam from forming. It is hot or warm water mixing with cooler air that creates the steam.

We have a range of shower top options to cover all shapes and sizes of showers. 

Our Shower Tops



Low Profile Shower Tops

The low profile shower top design is our low-cost option for eliminating steam. Cleaning is easy using a squeegee or wiper blade and they are almost invisible to see.

High Profile Shower Tops

Our high profile shower tops are designed to give more head room.

Custom Design

Our custom design allows the flexibility to go wider, longer and higher than a standard shower. Easy to clean and maintain using a squeegee/wiper blade

Why Use Swiper Shower Tops?

Swiper Shower Tops are capable of fitting any type of closed shower installed in bathrooms today. Whether your shower is curved, square, angled or with several cut outs. Each Swiper Shower Top is custom fit during the installation process, being cut right then and there

Completely Enclosed

All Swiper Shower Tops are custom cut to give a perfect fit. This means your shower becomes completely enclosed and removes the chance of steam developing.

Steam will stay in the shower for a few minutes until the air within the shower gets up to the same temperature as the water. At this point, the steam will disappear with none entering your bathroom.

A Complete Custom Fit

Regardless of the size or shape of your shower, Swiper Shower Tops give a complete and perfect fit. Each Swiper Shower Top is custom cut to your specific shower and can easily match any curve or cut out you currently have.

When you choose a Swiper Shower Top, your installer will ensure that the seals on your shower are in the right condition. We carry a range of seals that can be installed if required. 

Hassle Free Cleaning

When cleaning your shower, the Swiper Shower Top is as easy as wiping the sides of your shower due to the flat surface. This means no residue soap or steam marks keeping your shower in absolute pristine condition.

If you need to clean outside of the shower, it’s even easier than other domed products. No overreaching while perched on a ladder or chair or requiring multiple angles to get every inch of the surface.


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